Matisse Series



If you are looking décor with a slightly industrial edge, or a subtly masculine air about it, then you must go for our Matisse series. This series display laid back luxury and strong modern artwork choices with Fauvism style inspiration to transform your home into a trendsetter.


2.78m full-height door which means zero space waste! The door is much sleeker and the room is more elegant. Using solid hardwood and MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) as main to form strong building foundation. Cool details remind you the best immersion of minimalism.


Raw Rock, Stone, Marble and a host of prominent textures fill these rustic interiors with a tactile decor experience and a truly mesmerising visual feast. A home’s personality is best reflected in the living room. one of the best ways to hone a personal aesthetic is through artwork. Using the morandi colour combination will be a wise choice to let the entire space environment present neat and atmospheric.

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