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Custom home office desk and workspaces.

Creating spaces for work, study and storage.

Top Wardrobes designs and creates completely customised desks, storage solutions, and workspaces for studies and home offices.

These are tailored to your style and space. Every element is cleverly designed to maximise efficiency, productivity, and creativity — without sacrificing beautiful aesthetics.  

Whether you work from home fulltime, need a modern study area for your child’s school work, or just want to revamp your office space, we can help. You’ll enjoy less clutter, more style, and flexible, practical storage that’s tailored to your needs. 

In our showroom.

The home office design experience starts here…

Our Cannington showroom has everything you need to custom-create incredible cabinetry for your home office or study room. Here, our clever Designers will walk you through our huge range of options. Then, we’ll help you choose your materials and colours, including doors, benchtops, built-in lighting, hinges, handles, stitching, and more.  

What others charge extra for, we include as standard.

We’ll also talk about your exact requirements. Do you need a large desk that fits two computers? How about a hidden filing cabinet? Lighting inside your bookshelves? Our designs are so flexible, you can do just about anything. We also include a few features as standard in every design: floor-to-ceiling finishes, soft-close drawers, and backing to all cabinetry.   

Whatever you need, you can choose from sleek and simple styles, earthy, neutral tones, classic pieces and highly contemporary aesthetics. There’s a material and finish for every taste.

Bringing your designs
to life.

Live designs & mood boarding.

Our Designers will digitally bring your selections to life with a mock-up of the design using the exact measurements of your room. You’ll be able to “digitally walkthrough” your design before finally approving how everything looks. Then, we can start precision-cutting the pieces with a laser to ensure exact measurements. Once all the pieces and finishes are ready, we’ll install it at your place. 

No more messy desks, cluttered corners, or boring work zones! 

For study spaces and home offices, Custom Home Office Furniture Perth designs and fabricates unique desks, storage options, and workplaces.These are made just for your room and style. Without sacrificing stunning aesthetics, every component is intelligently designed to maximize effectiveness, productivity, and creativity.

We can assist you whether you wish to redesign your office space, require a contemporary study place for your child’s schoolwork, or work entirely from home. You’ll appreciate having less clutter, more flair, and storage that is adaptable and useful for your requirements.

Putting Your Designs into Action.

Our designers will use the precise measurements of your Custom Home Office Furniture in Perth to create a mock-up of the design that will digitally bring your choices to life. Before finalizing the final appearance of your design, you can “digitally walk through” it. The components can then be laser-cut precisely to ensure precise measurements. We’ll install it at your location as soon as all the components and finishes are prepared.

No more disorganized work areas, untidy nooks, or disorganized workstations!

Here you will get Wardrobe With Desk – Top Wardrobes and not only simple wardrobes but customized Wardrobe With Desk – Top Wardrobes according to the customer’s requests.

Material from Germany imported 80g printing paper with high durability, an additional layer of high-gloss craftsmanship with a pearlescent effect, obtain the irresistibly beautiful pearl wood grain and give your location a shining new appearance.


Whether it’s light or dark, there is no room for defining elements. Our starlight series gives your house a creative touch, no matter how big or tiny. The dark-grey modernist finishes properly produce a stylish, sleek, and collected outcome. Let life’s art depict the perfect life of elegance and simplicity.


The definition of luxury includes both comfort and beauty. With a multi-functional cabinet design that offers plenty while taking up little space, you may create a feeling of cozy intimacy.

If you want to check other things then you can check their gallery by visiting their website and to delve deeper you can go to their social handles so you can know what Custom Home Office Furniture Perth looks like. There are also color schemes in Wardrobe With Desk–Top Wardrobes which you can mix and match and build according to your customizable needs in Wardrobe With Desk – Top Wardrobes.



Reserve a time to visit our Showroom in Cannington — Unit 3/52 Kent St, Cannington WA 6107 and get a free design and discovery session.

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Reserve a time to visit our Showroom in Cannington — Unit 3/52 Kent St, Cannington WA 6107 and get a free design and discovery session.