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Expertly crafted for stylish and comfort

Top Wardrobes will work with you to build your dream closet to an individual spec, with a space for everything from bras to boots!

Bespoke Luxury Dressing Rooms

Whether you want to free up space in your bedroom by getting rid of bulky drawers and cupboards, or are simply looking to clear the clutter, Top Wardrobes got your style covered. No more time wasting every morning trying to decide what to wear, you might find it easier to arrange your clothes in outfit order – tops and bottoms, plus shoes and accessories – so you just can grab and go.

Storage That Spark Joy

Awkward corners, alcoves and sloping ceilings can be a challenge, but we will make the most of every inch. Our inspired dressing rooms are renowned for clever functionality and innovative design detail, resulting in seamless spaces that provide practicality and convenience. Organise your clothes and accessories with ease in a custom design wardrobe for an affordable price.

Expertly crafted for both comfort and style

With space for everything from bras to boots, Top Wardrobes can work with you to construct your ideal closet to your exact specifications! Customized, opulent dressing rooms by Top Wardrobes have your style covered, whether you want to declutter your bedroom by getting rid of clunky drawers and cabinets or you simply want to free up some space. You could find it simpler to arrange your clothing in outfit order, including tops and bottoms, shoes, and accessories, so you can easily grab and go. This will save you time every morning when deciding what to wear.

Custom Made Wardrobes come in a variety of designs and sizes.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to find Custom Made Wardrobes that suit your area, match your aesthetic, and provide the storage you need. As a result, we have spent the past ten years designing and building bespoke wardrobes that can be made to fit any room and meet every wardrobe requirement, including Walk in Wardrobes Doors in Perth – Top Wardrobes. You could have a one-of-a-kind, Custom Made Wardrobes built to your specifications, complete with cabinets, drawers, adjustable lighting, and a tone of other inventive storage choices. Our unique designs combine flair and utility while simply organizing your area. We have designed, produced, and fitted hundreds of unique wardrobes around Perth.

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By mixing and matching, you may create the perfect Custom Made Wardrobes for yourself.

You won’t likely ever be able to find a pre-made wardrobe, therefore we’ll build you the best custom made wardrobe. To solve all of your storage problems, we provide stylish wardrobes together with a variety of accessories, such as Walk in Wardrobes Doors in Perth – Top Wardrobes. Choose your layout, patterns, textures, handles, lighting, and more to make the perfect wardrobe.

Walk in Wardrobes Doors in Perth – Top Wardrobes is well known for its high quality and concentrates on creating upscale wardrobes with distinctive features like Custom made Wardrobe Doors on Top. Without demanding exorbitant rates, in wardrobes. We take great satisfaction in offering our customers outstanding bespoke wardrobes together with top-notch design and installation services.

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Reserve a time to visit our Showroom in Cannington — Unit 3/52 Kent St, Cannington WA 6107 and get a free design and discovery session.

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Reserve a time to visit our Showroom in Cannington — Unit 3/52 Kent St, Cannington WA 6107 and get a free design and discovery session.